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The Silverlight 5 Release Candidate (RC) is now available for developers to download.  As with previous preview releases, this is a developer-focused release, which means no production releases, no go-live license, etc.  This is made available for you to test your apps, upgrade to get latest features and to deal with the changes from beta to RC.

The beta was a great release and preview of what the team had introduced as new features.  You can read back on my Silverlight 5 guide to new features post regarding if you haven’t understood the latest and greatest additions.  However there are now some new available features in the RC including:

  • P/Invoke for calling native methods
  • 64-bit support for the plugin
  • Vector printing
  • Capabilities to support remote controls (for media)
  • In-browser trusted apps
  • PivotViewer now a part of Silverlight (with new features)

Some things have changed from beta to RC, to be sure to take a look at your code, references, namespaces, etc.

Pete Brown has a great announcement post on his blog with links to his (updated for RC) tutorials and videos for Silverlight 5. Be sure to go on over there and read and get the links.

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