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as i've been traveling and talking about silverlight, there have been two main things people have been complaining discussing about silverlight, and one of them is the control set (or perhaps lack thereof).  i've had conversations with a lot of people trying to explain that you have the full HTML control set at your disposal, and that seems to work in most situations.  there may be, however, times when you want ultimate silverlight goodness.  i've been saying that i personally think that 3rd parties will beat us to the market with controls...and they are starting to emerge.

take a look at the componentone lab site, featuring "" -- their control suite for silverlight.  here's a list of a few (note: few, there are a lot):

    • textbox, masked textbox, numeric textbox
    • combobox
    • lists galore
    • layout controls anyone?: stackpanel, hyperpanel, etc.
    • date pickers
    • color picker, sliders, etc.

they really are worth taking a look and i'm sure whomever gets to the market first will get LOTS of attention!

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