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PDX baby.  That’s where I’m headed next week.  The Portland area user experience group (a SIG formed out of the Portland .NET user group) is hosting a Silverlight 2 launch party next week (11 NOV 2008).  They’ve invited me to attend and share some fun stuff about Silverlight 2.  I’m very excited to be going there because Portland is one of my favorite towns.  It has some of the best public transportation there and I think that makes for a great downtown experience and a lot of personality in the city.

Aside from the city itself, there are some great folks that will be there: Jason Mauer, Erik Mork, and Kelly White.  Maybe we can convince Hanselman to show up as well?  There will be dinner provided by Microsoft I’m told and then we’ll show some Silverlight stuff.  What will I be talking about?  I think I’ve decided to show a couple things:

    • Accessing data with Astoria
    • Building “traditional” line-of-business applications
    • Silverlight offline applications

There will also be some demo station areas after the main presentation where myself, Erik, Kelly and Jason will be showing some other stuff or to answer questions.  I’m seriously hoping there is some Rock Band action there so I can show my Chop Suey skills on the guitar.  If there isn’t, I know there will be a great group of folks to geek out with anyway.

So if you are in the area (or if you’re not, consider a short drive), please join us on 11 NOV @ 6:30 PM Pacific for the November meeting of the PDXUX group.  You can find all the details and a map to the location on the PDXUX web site.  Please also visit the registration site to RSVP your intent to come so that their planning team can estimate accordingly.  I’m looking forward to talking with some Portland developers about Silverlight and getting some feedback!

Hope to see you there!

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