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Okay, about a month ago I was shown this demonstration by my new favorite friend Ward Bell of IdeaBlade.  Why is he my new favorite friend?  Well besides being a great guy, wait till you see what he has to show you.  I briefly alluded to my excitement via Twitter as a teaser. 

I previously mentioned that we saw some sneak peeks of Silverlight 3 added features for line-of-business application development with Brad Abrams.  Today, check out what Ward has to show you:

Get Microsoft Silverlight

I am really, really excited about this platform that Ward showed me and I think that you will be as well.  Watch the video and show how easy it is to use their framework to enable rapid business application development with data.  Visit their DevForce for Silverlight page for information and to sign up for the March 2009 Release Candidate.  It’s chalk full of great features including client-side data caching binding to anonymous types and easy validation customization.

Ward will be at and you must grab him for some personal demonstration.  Hopefully we can convince him to grab some common area and chat with a group of people.  He’ll gladly answer all your questions and even accept your jabs if you have them.  He’s just returned from the Alt.NET conference in Seattle as well and hopefully can share some thoughts around that with regard to Silverlight and this framework.

Honestly, check this out.  What do you think?  Sign up for the RC.

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