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I was just thinking the other day that I have some decent subscriber numbers here, but the same volume isn’t matched on my Twitter account.  For those who don’t know about Twitter, it’s a great short message service that kind of works like a global messaging system.  The best description I’ve heard has been:

Twitter is like an ongoing conversation at a party.  Come in and listen/participate whenever you want with whomever you want.  Leave at your leisure.  Come back often if you’d like.

I use Twitter to communicate along with friends, family and mostly developers across the world.  Rather than blog every little cool thing I find interesting in Silverlight, for example, I often send out links to very innovative and helpful information via Twitter.  Sometimes when something isn’t long enough for a blog post in my mental benchmark, it ends up going out through Twitter.  I’ve given software and passes to conferences away on Twitter as well.

Sure, all these social networking things can get overwhelming, but I’ve found Twitter to be the most useful of them all for me on various levels.  So if you aren’t on Twitter, consider it.  It is extremely helpful when actually attending conferences (usually where you’ll see the most activity) in keeping up to where/what the happenings are.  That being said, I’ll be pointing to a lot of resources during these next weeks while at MIX09 and DevConnections Orlando.

If you are on Twitter, I’d love for you to follow me for these updates.  If you aren’t, then sign up and follow me and Silverlight updates on Twitter.

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