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One of the great things about the Silverlight team is that usually in the home stretch most of the feature samples of numerous ‘hello world’ type examples start shaping into creative ideas to demonstrate various features. 

Slidentity by Mike Harsh (screenshot)One such example is a full Silverlight 3 application that Mike Harsh created to actually demonstrate various features and it is what he used to present his session talk as well.  He currently calls it Slidentity and it demonstrates:

  • Various skinned control usage
  • Perspective 3D (when you view the slide show)
  • Open/Save data
  • Out-of-browser execution
  • User input
  • Navigation framework

It’s a creative “sample” that is actually very functional for the intended use.  Mike’s making the code available for use, so check it out on his blog: Slidentity by Mike Harsh.

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