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i hadn't been on a plane in a while and the second i stepped on i realized how much i hate it :-).  but denver was going to be a refreshing stop -- cooler weather and seeing some friends on my team.  so rob and i headed out on wednesday.  i didn't even know we were landing until we hit the ground it was that white outside the windows.  needless to say, despite going to school in constant snow, i'm reminded how much i suck at bad weather driving.  i think i made rob flinch a few times on the way from the airport.

Sam's No 3 Heart attack sam

we made it safely and met up with jd for dinner.  i have to tell this story because it cracked me up.  jd decided he was in the mood for fried chicken.  okay.  good.  all i need.  i've lost 20 pounds since the beginning of december and was dreading this trip for the food (i eat like crap on expense accounts).  jd had picked this place that he said was famous for their fried chicken.  off we went to sam's no. 3 in aurora.  in the snow.  we saved the donut driving until the parking lot though.  we got their fine.  needless to say the fried chicken was not the featured item on the menu.  jd opted for the papa's...whatever...#21 the waitress said.  i asked her if i never came back here again what should i try.  she opted to order me the sourdough meatloaf sandwich with ranch, cheddar, and bbq sauce.  yeah, it sounds nasty but it actually worked.  rob got the fried chicken :-)...he said it wasn't that great.  jd's breakfast burrito was about the size of 2 axe handles.  i'm not sure it is even in the classification of a burrito to be honest.  jd took that down like he was going to lose a contest to kobayashi.  impressive. 

the next day we were all doing an event for microsoft so we hit it early.  well at least went to our rooms early.  i stayed up until about 3am still prepping and triple checking my demos (needless to say 2 still failed).  we had the event and i think it was a great success despite my session.

that night we were beat (and i was beaten up).  we sat in the lobby and watched 2 hours of lost and the season premiere of a show i can't even remember the name of (it wasn't too bad though).  good solid 3 hours of 'team building' -- lost was awesome.

anyhow, good to see the snow.  good to be out of the snow.  stay classy denver.  see you in march.

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