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I want more shell applications, especially for mobile

I just got back from speaking/attending the Norwegian Developers Conference in Oslo, Norway.  It was a great time and a well run conference.  Like many other conferences I found myself looking for two things I wanted on my mobile: the schedule and a map/guide for the city (I’ve never been to Oslo).  You see every time I take a trip, here’s what I do: Search for an app that contains the schedule (or offline version).  Ideally allows me to build my schedule and gets updates for changes Find the metro/map/guide for the city...

Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools April 2010 Refresh

As most of you know at MIX10, we released the first version of the Windows Phone 7 developer tools (which are free) targeting Silverlight and XNA development to the world.  This was a community technology preview (CTP) release and targeted Visual Studio 2010 RC at the time (which was the publically available version).  Since MIX10, Visual Studio 2010 has released in final form and the phone developer tools team has been working to get a working version finalized. Today is that day – we’ve just made available the Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP (April 2010 Refresh) (direct link download).  This is...

Further evidence of Android’s possible failure

Earlier this year I wrote my thoughts on the current mobile scene and what troubles certain players more than others.  I made the assertion that Android will face the same troubles that Windows Mobile is challenged with.  That being that Google/Android are providing a platform and not a physical device.  I think it would be hard to argue that owning the complete platform and hardware is not a good idea.  Apple’s complete control of every aspect of the channel provides them with the ability to deliver in a somewhat more reliable fashion (except for the fact that Contacts suck and...

Android, iPhone and Windows oh my!

I suspect Apple will have a good day on 11 July.  I’m pretty sue Apple could release the iGumWrapper and people will camp out 2 days before to be the first to purchase a gum wrapper made out of napkin and far less superior in functionality than what exists today.  It’s the lure of Apple, the marketing engine behind them and the fact that despite that napkin material, it would likely be so beautiful and make you forget some things that you’ve depended on for so long. But I digress :-).  In all seriousness, Apple excels at the hype and the...

Links from the Vegas Lab

Thanks to all who joined WoodyP and myself in Las Vegas for the mobility touchdown class.  I thought I'd braindump some of the links and cool stuff we talked about during the 3 days...so here you go: New Live Search: http://wls.live.com (from your mobile device) Chris De Herrera's PocketPC FAQ: http://www.pocketpcfaq.com Visual Studio Code Snippets sharing: http://www.gotcodesnippets.net Code snippet Creation: Snippy WoodyP's link w/PDFs of the lab, etc. Mobile Updater Application Block from Q4Tech Registry editor for Windows Mobile Using KIOSK mode for a Windows Mobile device check back on my...

avis is realtime

when i travel and need a rental car, i use avis...not by choice really, but it's a company standard i guess.  to me, to be honest, a car is a car...service is where it is at.  i'm a member of the preferred program (which anyone can be, you don't have to 'earn' it) which entitles me to essentially skip the main counters when i rent (although the preferred counter is quickly becomming the 'main' one it seems).  i've also recently received 'select preferred' probably because i've rented enough.  i'm not sure what the difference is other than the fact that...


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