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If you’ve been playing around with Silverlight 2 for a bit now, you may have heard about/used the tool chiron.exe.  It was a tool in the SDK that shipped in Beta 2 that was responsible (for among other things) at that time for packaging the XAP. 

Fast forward to release builds for Silverlight 2.  No Chiron.  Hey, what’s up?

Chiron is still available for you if you want it.  It is a part of the Silverlight Dynamic Languages SDK which is available on Codeplex.  So if you need/want it, there you go.  Some people were using Chiron for their automated build scenarios to create the XAP package during the builds.  A lot of the packaging stuff for XAPs is now a part of some of the MSBuild tasks, so you can still automate your builds using MSBuild.

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