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I was honored to be asked by ComponentArt to participate in a judging panel for their just now released 2009 Summer Silverlight Coding CompetitionThe grand prize is USD $10,000. 

Yes, that’s right: USD $10,000!

ComponentArt Silverlight Coding Competition

ComponentArt is even kicking in 2 runner-up prizes of licensing to their products, which is also a sweet deal!  The contest is simple, and you are not required to use ComponentArt controls…in their words:

Applicants are not required to use ComponentArt's products to enter the competition (or as the legal jargon requires us to say: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY). We'll obviously let you use our products if you want to, but the purpose of this contest is to increase awareness of Silverlight features and applications already released, so we would like to keep it open to the entire Silverlight developer community.

Be sure to read the full contest rules for all the details.  There is a number of judging criteria that will be ranked by 9 total judges: myself, Laurence Moroney, Mike Snow, Dino Esposito, John Papa, Steve Smith, Milos Glisic, Phil Tucker, and Corey Cahill.  As you can see, this is a judging panel made up of Microsoft, ComponentArt and community leaders.

Obviously your application needs to be a Silverlight application, I hope that’s clear.  It must be accessible via a public entry point and if authentication is required, adequate credentials will need to be supplied.  If after reading the rules you have questions, please ensure you contact the email provided in the rules and FAQ for the contest.

What are you waiting for?  $10K up for grabs!!!!

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