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...and i dismount your girl and i mount /proc... (warning: some f-bombs here)

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Thanks to all who joined and myself in Las Vegas for the mobility touchdown class.  I thought I'd braindump some of the links and cool stuff we talked about during the 3 days...so here you go:

check back on my blog or the frequently for some good information.

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a while back hanselman blogged about email signature etiquette..and i found it somewhat amusing what people put on the email signature.  scott posted mine, which i try to keep very limited.  today, i got an email inquiry about sharepoint...and i noticed it had a "header" -- which i found amusing :-)

here it is:


i just got a kick of the classification and caveat headers.  so if it was classified...would the entire email have been redacted?

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i have to say, i'm really excited about this...for a while now i've been talking to customers and communities about wpf and expression blend.  i have to admit though, i'm not a designer, not even a good novice designer :-).  but i "get" expression blend -- the framework is much simpler for me to understand as a novice...and when i see experts open the tool i'm amazed at how quick they understand it and begin to create some compelling visuals/applications.

Expression Blend Traininganywhoo, there is a roadtrip happening...expression blend near you!  so check out the city list and register.  you'll learn some really helpful tips on getting onramped quickly for wpf and expression blend.  very cool stuff.  visit the expression 'designing experiences with expression blend' site for details on cities near you.


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...and missing the CAML love?  you got so used to the template structure for sharepoint 2003 didn't you :-)  take a look at some information to help you understand if you don't know much about master pages (the ASP.NET template framework that sharepoint...err...um...sorry, MOSS uses now) this is a good primer especially if you are using sharepoint designer to manage your sharepoint site.

when you visit the sharepoint designer tutorial link you'll see information about:

    • introduction to asp.net master pages
    • modify the default master page
    • modify the default sharepoint content placeholders
    • create a content page from a master page
    • track customized master pages
    • change the current master page

again, it is a good primer for master pages with regard to sharepoint...