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contest alert, contest alert!  i wrote a while back about creating your own virtual earth 3d tour using collections and the live platform.  by doing this you can create your own windows media video file of your locations using virtual earth 3d rendering.

well, now you can benefit.  the virtual earth team is hosting a contest.  what do they want you to do?  they want you to build up some interesting collections and create the virtual tour.  after you've done that, post it on soapbox or youtube (or both) and submit your entry.   

this should be a fun few minutes for you to mess around with virtual earth 3d.  they've posted some samples such as a major league baseball tour, etc.  since i'm ineligible, here's some ideas noodling in my head:

    • seven wonders of the world
    • united states war battlefields
    • government capital buildings
    • royalty residences (i.e. US president white house, parliament, whatever the dude who runs italy lives in)
    • amusement parks
    • nfl football fields
    • airports

anyway, have fun with it, get creative and submit your entries!

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