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(1) http://www.eff.org/IP/P2P/howto-notgetsued.php

(2) don't post articles on how not to get sued... ;-)

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urgent: thanks to bert for sending this to me...

for those using sharepoint 2003 or windows sharepoint services alone:


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need an ssl certificate?  want it to support just as much as thawte/verisign?

check out www.instantssl.com for options....$49?!?!!?!?

you can't lose...and unlike thawte's free email certificates, these are truly free, with your name in it instead of the “thawte freemail member” tag.


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check it out...www.xmlrad.com

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a recent isp issued caused me to remember just exactly what “uptime” means...here's a little taste:

guarantee %allowable downtime annually
99.9999holy crap < 1 minute (six sigma)
99.9995.2 minutes (famous "5 nines")
99.9952.5 minutes
99.9525.6 minutes (8.76 hours)
995256 minutes (87.6 hours)
if you are "lucky" to have a provider giving you a 90% guarantee, congrats, you could be down for an acceptable 36.5 days per year