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Next week on 13-April at 8:00 AM PST Scott Guthrie will deliver a keynote address for the DevConnections conference being held in Las Vegas, NV.  Scott will provide updates on the progress made in Silverlight 4 and will provide the details of availability of the developer tools, runtime and other news.

Mark your calendars and return to the Silverlight community site to tune into the LIVE event.  After the keynote, Channel 9 will be hosting interviews with Scott and other key members of the Silverlight and Expression teams.  I’ll be hosting one of those interviews as well and look forward to your submitted questions via Twitter to @ch9live.

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Remember the final moments of the Scott Guthrie keynote presentation at PDC09?  Where Brian Goldfarb came on stage and demonstrated a completed application using a lot of the features of Silverlight 4?  Yeah, that Facebook application.  Well, it’s here now!

Microsoft Silverlight 4 Beta Client for Facebook

Silverlight Client for Facebook - Home view

The Microsoft Silverlight 4 Beta Client for Facebook has been released as a developer preview sample.  In order to use it you must have Silverlight 4 developer builds installed.

NOTE: When you run this application you’ll be installing the developer builds of Silverlight.  When Silverlight 4 releases, unless you are a developer, you’ll likely want to uninstall this plugin and install the released software.  This sample application is being provided as a developer preview to showcase and inspire.

The application is installed as a trusted application and does all the things you’d expect for Facebook.

Status updates:

Silverlight Client for Facebook - Status updates

Drag/drop pictures from your computer to a photo album:

Silverlight Client for Facebook - Add photo

A photo feed view:

Silverlight Client for Facebook - photo feed

Notifications for messages to you:

Silverlight Client for Facebook - notification window

Add a photo to a post using your web camera on your computer:

Silverlight Client for Facebook - Webcamera input

And yes, anyone uploading video to Facebook can be played back in the app as well:

Silverlight Client for Facebook - flash video playback in Silverlight

A lot of cool ways to explore your Facebook information (sorry, no mafia war games…for me that’s a good thing).  You can also see some Outlook integration if you right-click on events that you may have to send an email and such (I don’t have any events in my Facbook account to snapshot).

So what’s NOT in there?

Good question.  At PDC09 you may have seen a few things that I haven’t mentioned yet above.  The chromeless (borderless application) aspect of the application is not in this preview.  This is because the beta of Silverlight doesn’t include that feature right now.  Additionally the plug-in the camera and have it automatically import the pictures is not in this preview as well.  That was implemented using some COM integration and the team just didn’t clean that code up for this preview for the public.

What about source code?

At this time no source code is being provided…and probably won’t be.  I’m not the decision maker on ultimately if it will or not, just my assumption.  The Facebook client is meant to be a working demonstration/inspiration of what one could do with existing services and providing different views into an existing application framework.

How can I install this and will it work on my Mac?

You can play around with the app by visiting the Microsoft Silverlight 4 Beta Client for Facebook app on the Silverlight samples site (which also includes the other sample applications from PDC09).  As a reminder, this is a developer preview build and intended for developers.  You will need to have Silverlight 4 installed on your machine (which is a beta plugin).  The link to the app will direct you where you can get the appropriate download.

Yes, it will work on your Mac (as long as you have an Intel processor version).  When you install the app you’ll see the Apple preferred install guidelines to drag the application to your Applications folder and can navigate to it there or use Spotlight search to find it.

This is a fun little application to navigate your Facebook account.  The team had a good time building it and is excited to share it with others.  Have fun!

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PDC is coming…it’s only a few weeks away.  Are you going?  I am and I couldn’t be more excited.  I’m coming in Sunday and helping with a workshop on Monday.  Then the rest of the week will likely be a blur.

If you are going (and even if you aren’t), there is one party you will not want to miss.  Last year "The Underground @ PDC” was a great party and gathering of geeks.  The Gu, Scott Guthrie, was there.  As was Don Box and Scott Hanselman dishing out the geek humor and flames toward one another.  It was great.  And the venue for the after-geekiness was amazing…one of the coolest pubs/bar/whatever I’ve been to.

Well, it’s back.

Underground at PDC logo

This year it’s at a place called the Conga Room, which looks to be a latin fusion kind of place.  If there is a Buena Vista Social Club-like band or any form of Mariachi, you might not be able to pull me away. 

The Gu is on the agenda as well for this party.  The best part about this party: FREE.  The only catch – you need an invitation code.  I’ve got one at the bottom of this post.

This event/party is being provided by one of the evangelism teams at Microsoft.  Last year I had a great time mingling with folks and seeing a bunch of live podcast interviews going on with some of the names you’d recognize in the geek world.  It was a blast.  This year promises to be no different. 

You don’t have to be a PDC attendee to go to the party…if you are a SoCal developer and couldn’t make it to PDC, this is for you – you simply have to register.  If you can make it (please don’t register ‘just because’) – visit the registration site and use the RSVP code: arpile.  This code is good for a limited amount of registrations…once it’s gone, it’s gone.  This code is at it's maximum registrations.  Follow UndergroundPDC on Twitter where they will be giving out more codes.  I’ve heard about a very cool special surprise that will be there too – can’t say anything though – I’ll be uninvited…and I don’t want that.

I hope to see you at PDC and at The Underground @ PDC!

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Most of you who are Microsoft developers probably are aware of Channel 9 and have benefited both from the deep technical screencasts to the behind-the-scenes interviews that the team has provided with such luminaries as Anders Hejlsberg, Scott Guthrie, Bill Gates, etc. 

Tina Summerford and the C9 crew produced what I feel is one of (dare I say number one?) the best Channel 9 pieces of content yet (besides the ScottGu intro video for MIX09).  Today they present to you The Visual Studio Documentary in two parts (with full detailed interviews to be posted later).  You can view Part One and Part Two today.  I suggest you take a moment and gather the other geeks in your company, find a conference room and watch them.  Insights from Anders, ScottGu, Tony Goodhew, JasonZ about the history of what we know now as Visual Studio and the .NET Framework…and the bumps along the way.

You also get to hear about the other “Ruby” project, and how the team struggled from bundling a bunch of different products to creating an integrated development environment and platform – oh and learn what ScottGu does over his holiday breaks too.

It is well produced, has some very interesting points I didn’t know about myself.  I really enjoyed this one and hope you take a moment to enjoy it as well.

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I’m a little late to the game posting information about it, but there is a plethora of Silverlight stuff to do this week in the Seattle/Redmond area this week.  Sleepless in Seattle…definitely not – Silverlight in Seattle baby!

Allow me to interpret Adam’s vector goods…

  • 14 Sep (tonight!): Jesse Liberty is presenting at the .NET DA user group meeting on .NET RIA Services.
  • 15 Sep: Nerd Dinner!!!  Just a casual gathering of people who speak in acronyms and like food.  Bellevue Crossroads food court (awesome choices for anyone).
  • 16 Sep: I’ll be presenting (thanks to David for the invite!) to the Seattle Interact group on styling/templating interfaces for Silverlight as well as some on behaviors.
  • 17 Sep: Seattle Firestarter event.  ScottGu and friends.  I’ll be doing my best to demonstrate some of the key scenarios for Silverlight and hope to inspire your thoughts.

With the exception of tonight, I’ll be at each of these events and am looking forward to spending the week in sunny Seattle with you folks.  Be sure to stop by and introduce yourself!